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Founded in 1997, Chip Scale Review (CSR) magazine is the leading international publication serving the semiconductor packaging industry. With a worldwide readership of more than 26,000, the magazine features exclusive editorial content, including in-depth technical articles by leading industry technologists, market forecasts and updates from veteran industry analysts and research institutions, as well as industry news, events and reviews.

The magazine’s publisher met with our design team to review the requirements for their 2012 Media Kit. 

The scope entailed:

  • Designing a thematic concept that could be carried throughout the eight-page media kit
  • Establishing a visual identity that reflected CSR’s brand
  • Researching and securing premium stock photography
  • Formatting a compositionally tight sales calendar
  • Creating unique pie charts, tables and graphics

With the semiconductor industry being Chip Scale Review’s audience, our design concept centered on the shape and patterns of semiconductor wafers. The repetition of large circular shapes provided visual interest and movement. Macro-focused circuit board imagery, married into large fields of color, provided the perfect textural contrast to the smooth white content areas.  An extensive color palette was leveraged from the photography, providing cohesive color use across all elements of the media kit.

The result was a distinctive look that reflected the character of the magazine and industry.



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